Salon is part showroom, part gallery, and part incubator for innovative studio-created works in furniture, lighting rugs, wallpaper and textiles.

The Salon collection is distinguished by its creative content and strong curatorial focus. Pieces have been sourced from around the world with a focus on innovative design and craftsmanship.





The Gallery features revolving collections of original and limited edition furniture and art, hosts artist talks and intimate events. Showcasing the work of established and emerging contemporary design talents in an uncommon way, the Gallery at Salon is a launch pad for the debut of new collections.




The Showroom collection highlights celebrated female designers and makers such as Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel, Brit Kleinman of Avo, Aja Blanc of Ben and Aja Blanc, Stephanie Dedes Reimers of Sarkos Wallpaper, Debra Folz, Ayako Aratani of Aratani Fay, and Alexandra Vega of Source and Tradition.