Bzippy & Co.

Bari Ziperstein is an artist based in Los Angeles, California.

After graduating with her Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 2004, Bari worked primarily in studio-based sculpture and experimental public art. When she began to incorporate ceramic elements into her sculptures, she wanted to find a way to use the scrap material that was cast aside in the process.

Combining small, flat ceramic shapes and beads with strands of natural and dyed leather and suede, she crafted eclectic necklaces that were soon coveted by her friends and colleagues, and it wasn’t long before BZippy & Co. came to life as a full line of functional ceramics that included necklaces, lamps, coasters, and vases.

Today, Bari’s studio work is recognized by art and design galleries alike and has been featured in numerous one-person and group gallery and museum exhibitions. BZippy & Co. has become known for both intimately sized and architecturally scaled vases, vessels, and lamps, often made in limited editions, and is highly regarded among interior designers, private collectors, and the trade press.