Christel Sadde

Christel uses an artisanal technique.

All finishes are crafted with meticulous precision and a regard for luxury. She shapes the rods herself. All her works are hand crafted artworks made in France. The pieces are mainly unique pieces or offered in limited editions. They are signed and numbered.

Christel is a member of the Ateliers d‘Art de France and the Maison des Artistes. As materials, she chooses hard metals such as brass, stainless steel or steel, and precious decorative materials such as gold and palladium. For the production of her large mobiles, she favors aluminum, which thanks to its low density makes it possible to produce lightweight cut-outs and high quality colors which are deep and lasting, by impregnating the material with the dye.

Christel has engaged narrow and demanding cooperation with French craftsmen for 15 years.