Humble Matter

Humble Matter is based out of Wedge Ceramics, a membership studio and wonderful community of ceramicists located on the reassuringly rough-and- tumble border between Clinton Hill and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Humble Matter is powered by the talent, dedication, patience and good humor of John’s fellow makers Stephanie Gandelman, Beatrice Field and Rebecca Hsu.

At the heart of functional ceramics is the creation of proxies for humans--vessels that reference the original vessel. They become the tools which improve upon or do the work we cannot do: carry water, store food, display items of beauty or value. These are jobs as old as time, and bonds which connect the past to the present; the present to the future; and ultimately, the future back to the past.

Humble Matter pieces use a vocabulary of repeated shapes in an attempt to create archetypal forms that feel like an inevitable part of this continuum. They not only serve a purpose as functional pieces, but as talismans that ground us in the magic and importance of everyday objects and rituals in an increasingly disconnected and digitized world.