L’aviva Home

L’aviva Home is an NYC design studio. Founded by fromer Creative Director for Travel + Leisure Magazine, Laura Aviva spent years building a network of the world’s best makers before launching L’aviva Home.

Her team travels, build relationships, and works with skilled artisans to reimagine traditions through the prism of art and design. For each collection, they collaborate with a global roster of master artisans.

Bound by a sharp eye and an adventurous spirit, they find inspiration in the unexpected alchemy of cultures colliding. They believe the artist’s hand has the power to transform age-old traditions into new creation and honor the ties that bind an object to its origins.

Their collaborations are intimate, exclusive and unscripted. They seek out the most seasoned, skilled artisans and immerse ourselves in the creative process, balancing openness and experimentation with diligent attention to detail. While they revel in the little imperfections that give hand-touched work its distinctive character, they approach every stage of every project with meticulous perfectionism — resulting in collections that are at once raw and refined.