Palorosa is a lifestyle brand founded in 2014 by Cecilia Pirani, Italian – Guatemalan landscape architect.

The project rethinks utilitarian objects by using innovative colors and shapes, designing a series of tote bags, purses, and small accessories inspired by distant places for an everyday urban use.

Palorosa’s calling comes from Cecilia Pirani’s desire to make architecture and fashion coexist and collaborate, to create products ready to wear and to be used as home accessories as well.

By working closely with local artisans, Palorosa created the first collection of a high quality line of tote bags with a contemporary design. The result was the first collection of woven baskets and objects handmade in Guatemala incorporating recycled plastic with a unique palette.

The brand’s approach is to preserve the traditional handcraft processes and collaboration with artisans to keep local, existing techniques alive.

Cecilia’s attention for handcraft techniques is the legacy of her Italian culture of design and her Latin American origins far away the standardization of the production’s process.