Shore Rugs

Shore is a wellness-focused lifestyle and design brand pioneering the field of ergonomic rugs.

They believe a rug can be both beautiful and exceptionally functional. Their signature product, Shore Rugs, engender wellbeing through a uniquely luxurious experience of health, comfort, and craftsmanship.

Shore values health and freedom above all else. That’s why they’re challenging the traditional hierarchy of luxury that’s based on rarity, provenance, and hype—because you shouldn’t have to choose between something luxurious and something good for you.

They believe true luxury is not only about what something is, but how it makes you feel. A luxurious product should be beautiful and well made—and it should improve and invigorate your life. It should put that luxury into action and pass it back to you.

Satisfaction over status symbols. Performance and quality over labels and prestige. Feeling good over showing off.