SkLO Studio

“Sklo” is the Czech word for glass. The heart of all the SkLO Studio collections—and of all the work they do—is hand blown Czech glass.

The SkLO Studio collections are designed by SkLO partners, Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak.

Karen Gilbert is an American craft artist, metalsmith and jeweler. As a design director at SkLO Studio, Karen brings her intuitive understanding of craft and making. Her hands-on nature and her own technical skills as a craft artist provide the vision behind the SkLO Studio collections.

Paul Pavlak is an American architect and designer. He brings a belief in the honesty of material, expression of process, and simplicity. Collaborating with his wife Karen Gilbert, he works to refine and edit the many ideas that go into the SkLO Studio collections, provides technical documentation and attention to detail.